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TikTok, Should Your Business Be On It?

Why Your Business SHOULD Be On TikTok

TikTok is no longer just for teenage dance trends, it's now a viable marketing tool for exposure.

It is estimated that TikTok will cater to 1.5 billions users by the end of 2023!

It's now not something to 'meddle with', it's something to take seriously.

Why this is the BEST time to use TikTok for your business.

TikTok is still relatively new. What this means is that rather than aggressively monetising, like Facebook or Instagram, it offers a much better way to get good organic exposure. Think of it like Instagram a few years ago, before all of the adverts and the constant 'Boost To Post' notifications.

You'll notice on the platform, that accounts with relatively low followers can go over viral overnight, garnering hundreds of thousands of views.

"37% of TikTok users instantly seek to buy a product after discovering it." – TikTok

Look natural!

Our experience of using TikTok for brands is that the more natural a video looks, the better it fares. If you're planning on uploading the same polished advertisement videos from LinkedIn then think again. The average TikTok user doesn't want to be sold to. Instead think of 3 main objects with your content; entertain, educate or inspire.

Where to start?

Open an account! The quicker you can secure your brand's username the better. You don't want to be stuck with BRANDNAME12345. After this, it's about uploading your first bit of content.

If you'd like some content ideas or are thinking of outsourcing your video production, get in contact with us. We offer both monthly and quarterly TikTok packages to ensure that TikTok isn't another headache you have to worry about.

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