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92% of mobile video viewers share video with others.

Do you utilise video enough?


Expert Videographer in Haywards Heath, Sussex


Services include:

Full Video Production & Animation

Percentage of businesses using video as a marketing tool



Percentage of people who have been convinced to buy a product or try a service after watching a video



The number of people who would rather watch online videos than television

6 out of 10


Video content is becoming an integral part for many business's communication and marketing strategies. Whether it's a product, service or event, we create videos to tell a story.

Our videographers work with you every step of the way to make sure we create the perfect video. Based in Haywards Heath, we are perfectly located to help businesses across Sussex, London and in Brighton. Our video production starts with a consultation where you set out your objective and direction. We then take this away and develop a plan. Then, comes the filming! Afterwards we edit the video including any animations that may be required to give you the perfect finalised product. 

Bespoke by us, created for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of videos do you produce?


We produce a range of videos from promotional videos and website banners, to social media ads and documentaries. The one thing we don't film is TV episodes or live broadcast.

  • How long does it take to produce a video?


This depends on the size of your project, some of our projects are filmed in a day and editing in two, meaning the clients gets the finished video the following week. Other projects can be filmed across a week and therefor need longer to edit. A rough estimation is that editing takes 2x the length of filming.

  • Can I provide input during the editing process?


Most definitely! We will always send you a draft of the project for you to review and give comments. We'll then take these away and apply them to the final video project before submitting for final approval by you.

  • How much does it cost?


This varies depending on the size of your project, complexity, usage etc. Prices can start from £1000 and work up into the £10,000s. The best thing to do is tell us your budget and we will create a few proposals based upon your budget; one at your budget, one below and one above so that you can see which services your money gets you.

If you're looking for pricing for Social Media Videos, head over to our Reels/TikTok Page.

Examples of our work

Boom-Battle-Bar-video production

Boom Battle Bars


"Loved how straight forward it was from booking, execution, feedback and delivery. Made my life 10x easier and felt that the instruction/direction we gave was really understood and taken on board when delivering the project. Team on the day were great too and very much just cracked on which is a bonus"

Dani, Boom Battle Bar - Senior Marketing Executive


Are you looking for a video production company? Have you got an idea you'd like to discuss?

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