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HBO made its first episode of the big-budget series 'House of Dragons', available on YouTube for free!


YouTube's growth is undeniable. In January, people watched more than 700 million hours of YouTube on smart tvs!

The question for a lot of businesses is how can I utilise this attention for my business.

YouTube needs to be thought of as an entertainment and education platform. 95% of teens use the platform and these may very well be your customer/become your customer. A popular way brands are utilising YouTube is by creating 'behind the scenes' videos. Somewhat similar to 'reality TV', this gives your customer/potential customers an insight into your business and how it's run. If you charge a premium, show the customer exactly why it's a premium and the amount of work that goes into producing your product/running your service.

A great example of this is Fallow in London. Their YouTube channel gives customers an insight into what goes on behind the scenes; from where they source their produce from, all the way to how they prep and serve their dishes.

All video content can be multipurpose. A longer 10 minute video for YouTube can be broken down into 10, 1 minute videos for Instagram, LinkedIn etc. The can then be further broken down into 20 seconds clips for Reels & Tik Tok.

If you would like to start getting video content shot for your brand but are unsure where to start. Simply drop us a message and we can bounce ideas together.


Which method is easiest for you?

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